Let it begin now – Litany

By Starhawk, Lauren Gale, Amber Khan-Engel
Arranged by Evelie Posch

Listen to Let It Begin

Let it begin with each step we take,
Let it begin with each change we make
And let it begin with each chain we break
And let it begin every time we awake

A year of freedom/ Let it begin now
A year of peace/ Let it begin now
A year of harvests Let it begin now
A  year of forests/ Let it begin now
A year of justice Let it begin now
A year of freedom/ Let it begin now
A year of healing Let it begin now
A year of harvests/ Let it begin now
A year of forests/ Let it begin now
A year of justice/ Let it begin now

Let it begin with the rains
let it begin with deep snows
On the granite bones of the mountains
on ancient, uncut forests
Oh, let it begin like a running stream
Like a wild white water river
Let it flow down through the valleys
the grasslands and the croplands
May they yield a good harvest
for all those who plant them
who tend them and who pick them
May all who hunger now be fed
May we heal the soil that grows our bread.
May all who hunger now be fed

Let the rivers flow into a bay
Of clear and living waters
May all the buried streams run free
and the salmon return each year from the sea
Oh, let it begin with the whales
as they pass on their long migrations
May flocks of seabirds darken the sky
and the great winged condor freely fly
May summer bring back songbirds
from rain forests that grow and thrive
May they take wing in peace
May they fly over lands at peace
May all the cycles of life be saved
and all the risks of change be braved.

Oh, let it begin with fresh winds,

May they carry the voices of women
May they bring us the songs of our ancestors
and teach our hidden history
and awaken our ancient memory
Oh, let it begin in the streets
of this fog-ringed city,
May we walk these streets safely
May all who are ailing here find care
for the spirit and the body
May we shelter all who need a fire and bed
and be a refuge for those who’ve fled
and be a refuge for those who’ve fled

May this be a city of  lovers,
of poets, singers and dancers,
of dreamers, drummers and changers
May the old ones and the young be loved
May all the forms of love be blessed
and all the colors of our skin be praised
like sisters, like brothers
May we take care of each other

Let it begin with the fire,
with the smoldering coals of an ancient hearth,
with the secret visions in our hearts,
May we fan the flames into life
May we tend the fires of life
May all the works of change be done
May we draw our power from the wind and sun
and weave our magic from the turning moon
and dance on the living earth
She is our mother,
our healer, our lover
And we are of Her,
we are Her circle,
Circle of healing,
Circle of planting,
The seeds of a new year,
And all of our voices are Her sweet music
Rise with Her power, rise like a fountain
Of clearest water, higher and higher
Rise like a fountain of clearest water
Higher and higher, higher and higher

A year of rebirth
This year we shall renew the earth!
This year we shall renew the earth!
This year we shall renew the earth!

Copyright © Richard Man

Copyright © Richard Man

  • 2017 Intention

    Riding the knife's edge of history, we face the great challenge of this present moment; to step off the old path and weave futures of strength and joy with the dead and the generations to come.

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    This ritual is Bay Area Reclaiming’s largest fundraiser for the year, and supports many of our other activities, courses, ritual, and resources.

    It takes about $15,000 to put on this community event, so we appreciate your support.

    Regular Admission – $25.00-$150.00

    Special Needs, Youth (12-17), and Seniors (65+) can buy tickets for only – $18.00

    Children under 12 years old are welcomed at no charge with a paid admission

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  • When and where

    The Spiral Dance has moved to the East Bay and will be held at the Richmond Convention Center, Richmond California. We’re excited to open up to this new community.

    The Spiral Dance is Saturday, October 28th, 2017.

    Doors open for Altar viewing and the reading of the Names of The Beloved Dead at 6pm.

    Ritual begins promptly at 7pm

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