Each year the Spiral Dance features beautiful and elaborate altars. Altars provide a way of showing honor and respect for the Elements , spirits and deities, and for our Beloved Dead. There are also altars that bring into focus political, social justice and environmental challenges our community is working on. In years past these altars have commemorated the loss of endangered species, remembered victims of police violence, highlighted injustices visited upon peoples of color and the LGBTQ+ community. There have been stunning altars celebrating elders and artists and spaces created to honor activists and world changers.

This year our community will erect altars for:

The Air

The Fire

The Water

The Earth

The Beloved Dead


*Additional altars will be announced as they are confirmed

  • 2017 Intention

    Riding the knife's edge of history, we face the great challenge of this present moment; to step off the old path and weave futures of strength and joy with the dead and the generations to come.

  • Admission

    This ritual is Bay Area Reclaiming’s largest fundraiser for the year, and supports many of our other activities, courses, ritual, and resources.

    As soon as the venue is announced, we will begin accepting donations for tickets.

    Donor - Suggested Donation $120.00*

    Supporter – Suggested Donation $60.00*

    Regular Admission – $25.00*

    Special Needs – $18.00*

    Youth (12-17) – $18.00*

    Senior (65+) – $18.00*

    Children under 12 years old are welcomed at no charge with a paid admission

    In keeping with our Principles of Unity, sponsorship for those with a lack of funds is encouraged.

  • When and where

    The Likely location for this year's Spiral Dance is the Richmond Convention Center, Richmond California.

    The Spiral Dance is happening Saturday, October 28th, 2017.

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