2013 Spiral Dance Program

34th Annual Spiral Dance |October 26, 2013

Spiral Dance Cell: Starhawk, Evelie Såles Posch née Delfino, Patti Davis, Victoria Grace, Thibaut Hourtellian, Laura Campos, Nolan Hinshaw, Irisanya, Yule Danu, Steven Daugherty, Todd Herriott




Clean up Coordinator: Nolan Hinshaw

Dragon Coordinator: Steven Daugherty

Facilities Coordinator: Evelie S Posch

House Manager: Jessica Adams

Food Coordinator: Charles, Delilah, Jude, Laura Kemp, Reclaiming Community (volunteers who stepped up, please send me your names>

Grace Coordinator: Yule Danu

Set-up Coordinators: Evelie, Patti, Starhawk, Victoria

Technical Coordinator: Thibaut Hourtellian

Volunteer Coordinator: Todd Herriott


Altar Coordinators: Patti, Victoria

Altar Support Staff: Ben Burns, Indigo Warman, Jonathan Youtt

Front of House

Earth Peace Mandala: Veronica Ramirez (host), Alexa Davis, Patrizia Luna, Cameron Ryan, Emma Morris, Zohara Mapes

Entry Décor: Laura Kemp (host), Wisdom

Cardinal Altars

North Charles Gary (host)
Darryl Darryl, John Covelo, Lynne Covelo, Mary Walters, Darla

East Patti Davis (host) Anna Knox, Belinda Kunkle, Diana Solis with Tita

South Yarrow with Heidi Nutter, Preston Vargas, Thibaut Hourteillian. Tino Calendo, Vesper Castellano, Amber Bruce, Nic Rogoff

West  Patricia Awen Fey O’Luanaigh (host), Lillie Falco-Adkins, Shaitan, Sylvia Zofia Hartowicz, Roya Koczak

Side Altars

Teaching Altar Yule Danu (host) with Vacaville Community: Cauldra, Laina, Grace, Monieka, Kim

Ancestors Thom Venegoni (host), Nick Venegoni, Tasha Bird, Pipaluk

Divine Masculine Jonathan Jay Levine (host), Michael Turner, Daniel Rekshan, Megan Woolever, Indigo Warman, Wataya Roberson, Shawnrey Notto

Earth Restoration Starhawk (host), Charles Williams, Ruby Perry, Andy

First Nations Michelle Herrera (host)

Honeybee Altar –  BeeWitched Collective with Carol Stevenson (host), Rick Loftus, Margaret Gompertz, Exene Black, Caroline Tobin, Kael Loftus, Mimi Doohan

Lost Babies & Reproductive Rights Suzanne (host), Drissana Devananda, Anastasia Prentiss

Sacred Dance Sridevi Ramanathan (host) and Crew

Spellweb For Patricia Monaghan Annie Finch, Michael McDermott, Jeffrey Betcher, Julian Brand

To Honor Fukushima Cristina Golondrina Rose (host), Claudia Moutray, Jeannette Wooden Kiel

Transgender Altar Victoria Grace (host), Flame RosaNegra, Neferu Ashe, Elise Shiver-Russell, Rick LeBlanc, Robert Miller

Warrior’s Call Druid House of Danu with Sacramento Grove of the Oak and The Taliesin with James L Bianchi (host), Vicky Troyan, James M. Myers, Joshua Myers, Caleb Myers

Youth Visions – Teen Earth Magic Youth Group with George Franklin (host)



Music Director/Heartistic Visionary: Evelie Såles Posch née Delfino

Evelie’s Tenders: Karisu Man, Michelle Reddington

Assistant to the Music Director: Chelle Persoff

2013 Spiral Dance Chorus

Adria Graham,
Alana Apfel, Carla, Fay, Diana Hamid, Elana Beth Garfinkle,
Ellyn Bell, Hali Hammer,
Iris Brightwater,
James Bianchi,
Jed Sales,
Jeri Jersa, Jessica Norling, Jim Wenninger,
Johanna Heyno,
Karina Ghor,
Mama Sue Fletcher,
Maura Sipila, Nic Rogoff,
Patrick Garretson, Randy Berge, Riki Juster,
Svetlana Pivchik

2013 Spiral Dance Band

Angelena KyzerCrowhurst – hand drums, tamborine,
Dave Bick-Maurischat – rhythm guitar, Diana Rowan – harp, Grace Renaud – keyboard, Mary Ellen Donald – dumbek, Richard Man – didgeridoo,
Wolfgang Ettenreich – didgeridoo

2013 Spiral Dance Ritual Roles and Dancers

Anchors/Tenders: Kim Chilvers (Tender – Kris Chilvers), Tara Hookano (Tender – Mark Hookano), Chuck/Clairepaw

Graces:  Yule Danu, Eddy & Tavin, Faewood, Thia, Loam, Star, Sue Barnholt, Carman, Brenda Yodice, Susan Small, Spiraleena, Helen, Carol Wilson, Kim

Names of the Beloved Dead Readers: Moss (coordinataor), Ariel/April Raines, Elaine Magree, Erin Poh, John Fox, Kimberly Chilvers, Laurel Kadish, Vadan Blyth

Call to Ritual: Conches/Didge/Horn ~ Angelena, Elana, James, to East; Emily, Lumi, Wolfgang to North; JoHanna, Karina to West; Chelle, Maura to South; Evelie, Patrick, Richard to Center

Widdershins: Kim Bick-Maurischat, Silvi Man with children

Master/Mistress of Ceremonies: Gwion Raven, April Taylor

Grounding: Cypress Mealey

Casting the Circle: Patti Davis

Spirits of the Land: Laura Maples

Directions/Elements Dancers:
 EAST/AIR: Elana Chandoss;
SOUTH/FIRE: Ellyn Bell;
WEST/WATER: Sridevi (Choreographer); NORTH/EARTH: Emily Claire Mason, Dusky, Hilary Buffum, Lumi O’Neil; CENTER/SPIRIT: All Directions/Elements Dancers

Greeting the Fey: Thibaut

Baby Blessing: April Cotte with Barry, Ruby Privateer

Queer Gods Invocation:  Jasper Holland, Aidan Thawley

God Invocation Dancers: (Sridevi ~ Choreographer) Preston Vargas, Tino Calenda

Transgenders: Lady Victoria Star Grace, Neferu Ashe

Goddess Invocation Dancers:
Maiden: Dominique Reminick, Mother: Lilia Leshan,
Crone: Arisika Razak, 
Activist: Svetlana (+Crone, Mother, Maiden, TG, Gods)

Ancestors Invocation: Rose May Dance

Mighty Dead of the Craft Invocation: Ewa Litauer

Beloved Dead Invocation: Starhawk

Trance: Suzanne Sterling

More Appreciation:

Artwork for flyers, postcards and poster: Cecelia Wambauch

Graphic Design: Eileen, Evelie

Photographers: Michael Rauner, Richard Man

Publicity & Promotions: Lisa J Arthur

Online Promotions: Evelie, Irisanya, Starhawk, Tino

Radio Appearances: Evelie (coordinator), Adria Graham, Carla Fay, Mama Sue Fletcher, Maura Sipila, Starhawk, Riki Juster, Karina Ghor, Hali Hammer

Rehearsal Spaces for the Spiral Dance Chorus, Band, Dancers: Black Cat; Hali’s Haven; Interplay Oakland; Redwood Gardens courtesy of Penni Hall

Sound system for four Dress Rehearsals: Hali Hammer, Randy Berge

Sound & Lights: Paul Knight

Stage Manager: Angela Nusbaum; assistant to Stage Manager: Leigh Ann Hildebrand

Community Partner: One Voice CircleSingers (

Website Design: Laurel Brooks; updates by Evelie

Apologies for anyone inadvertently left out and for misspellings of names!!!

  • 2014 Intention

    With the help of Ancestors, Descendants, and the great powers of Nature, we weave Magic and Action to save our Home!

  • Admission

    This ritual is Bay Area Reclaiming’s largest fundraiser for the year, and supports many of our other activities, courses, ritual, and resources.

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    Admission now is sliding scale $25 to $150+. Elders (60+)/Disabled/Youth (12 to 17) $15+. Children 11 & under: free. Click here: BrownPaperTickets

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  • When and where

    755 Stanyan Street
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    Doors open at 6 PM for Altar viewing, Prelude music, and Listening Meditation of the Reading of the Names of the Beloved Dead.
    Ritual begins at 7:30 PM

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