2016 Program

2016 Spiral Dance Program

37th Annual Spiral Dance |October 30th, 2016

The Spiral Dance is lovingly produced by a small, dedicated group of volunteers that work together in consensus process, all year long, holding the magic and weaving the spell through countless meetings and thousands of emails.

The Spiral Dance Cell: Patti (Altars), Wesley (Altars), Moss (Anchors), Yule (Anchors), Nolan (Clean up), Snow (Dragons), Kim(Graces), Hilary (Dance Invocations), Victoria Grace (Logistics), Gwion (Marketing), Gwynne (Musical co-director), Robin (Musical co-director), John Fox (Names of the Dead), Elizabeth Creely (Names of the Dead), Cypress (Project Manager), Ariel (Project Manager), Starhawk (Ritual Planning), Evelie (Stage Manager), Gary (Tech ), Thibaut (Tech), Urania (Volunteer Coordination), Preston (Volunteer Coordination)

The Spiral Dance happens when a community comes together and joins in the making of the magic. A big thank you to everyone that volunteered this year!



Amanda Jobbins

Angie Hermes

Anna  Knox

Arnold McPeebles

Beth   Benson

Blu     Fahey

Celeste Joy Walker

Christina Aanestad

Elisa  Smith

Kalash Ka

Lasara Firefox Allen

Laura Kemp

Lillie Falco-Adkins


Maritza Schafer

Nick   Popovic

Patti   Davis

Patti   O’Luanaigh

Paula Ruiz

Rachel Yukimura

Riyana Rebecca Sang

Sara   Ross

Saron Adrian Escobar

Wesley Haire

Ancestor Invocations

KaeliMo/Valkyrie Mogg

Mykel Mogg


Erin    Po

Janie  Kesselman

Jen Wildflower

Lizann Bassham

Mary Loam Sullivan

Sonya Krautner

Toni Moss Savage



Amy   Clarke

Angelena Kyzar-Crowhurst

Artemis Jackson

Brook Scofield

Dillon Castleton

Inanna Hazel

Mary Ellen Donald



Annette Kindred

Eileen Hazel

Gwynne Rinker

Ingrid Pollyak

Kimba Theurich

Lila Renwick

Mary  Gomes

Maxina Ventura

Meg   Yardley

Mimi  Gamson

Nic     Rogoff

Nicki  Popovic

Randy Blaustein

Robin Dolan

Sara   Moore

Suzanne Sterling

Tigris Dancing Joy

Vicki  Solomon

Wesley Haire

Circle Casting


Deity Dancers

Heather (Aurora Rose)King

Keith  Hennessy

Sydney Miles

Deity Invocation

Kim    Chilvers

Preston Vargas

Sayre Vickers


Electra Johnston

Jamie  Lantz

IvoryFly Graham

Miriam Childs

Paul Andrade

Snow McNaughton

Elemental Dancers

Antoine Hunter

April C Taylor

Hilary Buffum

Joli    Bennett

Zahna Simon

Fae Invocation

Rhiannon Griffith-Bowman


Julie Carrere

Kim    Chilvers

Liz Dodge.

Maeve Dellert.

Rachel Yukimura

Stella Bay.

Yalith Fonda.


Sefora Ray


Heather Pospisil

Kenneth Caraang

Michael Bergeron

Nature girl

Victoria  Grace

Mighty Dead

Gwydion  Logan

Heidi Marian

Rose May Dance

Names of the Dead

Christina Aanestad

Elaine Magree

Elizabeth Creely

Jim    Haber

John Fox

Laurel Lazuli

Oholone Blessing


Project Manager

Ariel   Raines

Cypress Fey

Spiral Dance Marketing

Gwion Raven

Spiral Dance Leader

Laura Wyrd & Starhawk

Spirits of the Land Invocation

Dominique   Leslie

Stage Managers

Evelie Posch

Georgie Craig


Brendan Lee

Gary Jaron

Thibaut Hourteillan


Urania & Brook

Website Design: Laurel Brooks

Apologies for anyone inadvertently left out or left in, and for misspellings of names!!!

  • 2017 Intention

    Riding the knife's edge of history, we face the great challenge of this present moment; to step off the old path and weave futures of strength and joy with the dead and the generations to come.

  • Admission

    This ritual is Bay Area Reclaiming’s largest fundraiser for the year, and supports many of our other activities, courses, ritual, and resources.

    TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW ONLINE - http://bpt.me/3057558

    Donor - Suggested Donation $120.00*

    Supporter – Suggested Donation $60.00*

    Regular Admission – $25.00*

    Special Needs – $18.00*

    Youth (12-17) – $18.00*

    Senior (65+) – $18.00*

    Children under 12 years old are welcomed at no charge with a paid admission

    In keeping with our Principles of Unity, sponsorship for those with a lack of funds is encouraged.

  • When and where

    The Spiral Dance has moved to the East Bay and will be held at the Richmond Convention Center, Richmond California.

    The Spiral Dance is happening Saturday, October 28th, 2017. Doors open for Altar viewing and the reading of the Names of The Beloved Dead at 6pm. Ritual begins promptly at 7pm

    Buy You Tickets Online Now - http://bpt.me/3057558

    Spiral Dance tickets will be sold at the door from 6pm to 7pm the day of the event.

    No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

    If you have have questions about tickets and cannot find the answer to those questions on this website - please email spiraldancetix@gmail.com

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