2017 Program

2017 Spiral Dance Program

38th Annual Spiral Dance |October 28th, 2017

The Spiral Dance is lovingly produced by a small, dedicated group of volunteers that work together in consensus process, all year long, holding the magic and weaving the spell through countless meetings and thousands of emails.


The Spiral Dance happens when a community comes together and joins in the making of the magic. A big thank you to everyone that volunteered this year!

Spiral Dance Cell



Georgie Craig

Gwion Raven

Hilary Buffum

John Fox

Kim Chilvers



Patti Davis

Preston Coyote Vargas

Riyana Sang

Robin Dolan

Snow Levy


Thibaut Hourteillan


Victoria Grace

Yule Danu



    Cardinal Altars                             


North/Earth: Wisdom of the Planet and Those Before Us.

Christina Aanestad – Host
Michelle Boyle


South/Fire: Cleansing* Remembrance* Rebirth
Patti Davis – Host

Shannon Michelle Starr

East/Air: Teachings of the Butterfly
Dree Amandi – Host


West/Water: Raging Waters-Healing Waters
Christie Angelo – Host
Kristian EvansMelissa ZapadinskySusan BizacaNecromanteum :Temple of the Dead
Patricia Awen Fey O’Luanaigh – Host
Dominique Moselle Reminick

Indigo Ryan Warman
Jonathan Jay Levine

Front of House
Robin Dolan – Host
Florencia De Ibanez

Jacques Frechet
Stella Bay
    Side Altars

The Fey, The KontombleMonica Mody – Host
Lillie FalcoMegan Rose Woolever
Pentacle of the Great Turning
Teen Earth Magic
Rachel Yukimura-Host
George Franklin – Advisor 


Transgender and Gender Non-Binary Altar
Nef ‘ra Gordon – Host

Ms. Sarita Subra

Victoria Grace

Weaving:The Norns
Cassidy Wright – Host
Nic Rigoff

Theo Nichandros
Teaching Altar
Vacaville Community
Yule Danu – Host

Cindy C.

Donna Gayle
 In Memory of Those Killed by Law Enforcement
Rahula Janowksi – Host
Chuck Bohman
Natasha Janowski
 The Forgotten Dead
Bryan Hewitt – Host
Reclaiming East Bay/”Me Too”

An Honoring Altar: First Responders
Patti Davis Co-Host
Shannon Michelle Starr- Co Host
Beloved  Animals
Brian Scarab – Host
Patti Davis – Host
Altar of Transformation, Moving from Despair  to Action
Patricia Miller – Host




Yule Danu- Coordinator, Anchor

Sucely Hernandez- Anchor




Max -  Musical Director, Coordinator

Angelena Kyzar-Crowhurst

George Franklin





Snow Levy- Coordinator

Kali Shakti

Miriam Childs




Feather- Coordinator

Kim Chilvers- Coordinator

Annie-Rose London

Julie Oeffinger

Luke Burt


Stella Bay

Vibra- ASL Grace




Victoria Grace- Coordinator

Gary Jaron




Riyana Sang- Coordinator

Georgie Craig

Gwion Raven



Michael Rauner

Michael Starkman



Reading Names of the Beloved Dead

John Fox- Coordinator

Christina Aanested

Elaine Magree

Jim Haber

Mary (Mimi) Gamson




April Taylor – Elemental Dancer

Joli Bennet – Elemental Dancer

Maeve Dellert – Elemental Dancer

Zahna Simon – Elemental Dancer



Hilary Buffum – God Invocation Dancer

Mykel Mogg  – God Invocation Dancer



Laura Wyrd – The Norn, Verdani

Sefora Janel Ray – The Norn, Urd

Preston Coyote Vargas –Tending Urd

G. Ravyn Stanfield – Tending Skuld



Starhawk – Mighty Dead

Laura Maples – Ancestors

Irisanya Moon – Beloved Dead



Gwydion – Trance

Riyana – Trance



Cassidy Wright – Weaver in the Center

Nic Rogoff – Weaver in the Center



Phoenix La Fae – Head of Spiral




Max- Musical Director, Coordinator

Andrea Livingston

Donna Isler

Eileen Hazel

Ingrid Pollyak

Jamie Robertson

Judy Freeman

Kaeli Kmo Valkyrie

Kimba Theurich

Lynn Orlando

Randy Ellen Blaustein

Robin Dolan

Tigris Dancing Joy

Wesley Haire



Stage Management

Georgie Craig- Stage Manager

Gary Jaron- Microphones

Niki Shapiro – Assistant Stage Mananger

 Ivory Fly  – Spotlights
Brendan Lee – Lighting design


Technical and Audio/Visual/Lighting

Thibaut Hourteillan-Coordinator

Jamie Lantz




Apologies for anyone inadvertently left out or left in, and for misspellings of names!!!

  • 2017 Intention

    Riding the knife's edge of history, we face the great challenge of this present moment; to step off the old path and weave futures of strength and joy with the dead and the generations to come.

  • Admission

    This ritual is Bay Area Reclaiming’s largest fundraiser for the year, and supports many of our other activities, courses, ritual, and resources.

    It takes about $15,000 to put on this community event, so we appreciate your support.

    Regular Admission – $25.00-$150.00

    Special Needs, Youth (12-17), and Seniors (65+) can buy tickets for only – $18.00

    Children under 12 years old are welcomed at no charge with a paid admission

    For Regular Admission, enter whatever amount you can want to pay within that range. Please consider giving more, as this is a fundraiser. This also allows us to get others in for a discount.


    Spiral Dance tickets will be sold at the door from 6pm to 7pm the day of the event. If you can only give a little, please come to the door and we’ll be happy to work with you.

    If you have have questions about tickets and cannot find the answer to those questions on this website - please email spiraldancetix@gmail.com

  • When and where

    The Spiral Dance has moved to the East Bay and will be held at the Richmond Convention Center, Richmond California. We’re excited to open up to this new community.

    The Spiral Dance is Saturday, October 28th, 2017.

    Doors open for Altar viewing and the reading of the Names of The Beloved Dead at 6pm.

    Ritual begins promptly at 7pm

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