2015 Program

2015 Spiral Dance Program

36th Annual Spiral Dance |October 31st, 2015

Spiral Dance Cell: Starhawk, Evelie Såles Posch née Delfino, Patti Davis, Victoria Grace, Thibaut H, Nolan Hinshaw, Irisanya, April Taylor, Cypress Fey, Leigh Ann Hildebrand, Moss, Patricia Awen Fey O’Luanaigh, Robin Dolan, Urania, Thom Venegoni, Phoenix LeFae, John Fox, Gwynne Rinker, Gwion Raven, Kim Chilvers




Box Office Staff: Robin Dolan (manager), Acianita Lucero, Jamie Buschbaum, Janelle Tassano

Breakdown Crew: Jonathan Furst (coordinator), Anastacia Compton, Beth Girsham, Hernan Cortez, Ian Arthur, Kelsang Shinshock, Liz Deufemia, Peter Sampson, Sabina Rasenow

Child/Adult Tent: Beth Girsham (coordinator)

Budget Coordinator: Phoenix LeFae

Clean up: Nolan Hinshaw (coordinator), Spiraleena Rainbowthing, Spycey Spice, Zo

Dragons: Leigh Ann Hildebrand and Snow Levy (coordinators), Bran, Diane, Brianne, Norma, Helen Hawk

Facilities Coordinator: Tia Marie Paquin

Food: Delylah Wilson (coordinator), Megan Coyote Wilson, Stan Wilson

Front of House: Thom Venegoni (coordinator), Rhiannon Griffith-Bowman

Graces: Kim Chilvers (coordinator), Jessica Marie, Julie Carrere, Liz Dodge, Megan Stoddard, Stella Bay, Mykel Mogg, Cauldra, Faewood, Cindy Crist, Vicki

Logistics: Victoria Grace (coordinator), Wesley Haire

Set-up Coordinators: Cypress, Evelie, Patti, Starhawk, Tia, Victoria

Technical: Thibaut Hourtellian (coordinator), Elaine Magree

Volunteer Coordinator: Urania



Altar Coordinators: Patti Davis

Altar Assistant : Tom Ray


Front of House Décor: Laura Kemp (host)

Earth Peace Mandala Project: Veronica Ramirez (host), Monika, Moll, Zohara, Michael

Cardinal Altars

North – Earth: Beloved Dead: Terri (Compost) Wilde (host), Michael Diehl, Joe Liesner, Mallory, John

East – Air: We are Dawning: Teen Earth Magic / Redwood Magic Teens / Witchlets Ravens Path w George Franklin (host)

South – Fire: We Remember: Patti Davis (host), Anna Knox, Eva Dinglasan, Brooke Stokes, Jessica Adams

West – Water: Crossing Over: Preston Vargas (host), Carrie Flemming, Sefora Ray, Yule Danu, Lizzie McCoy


Side Altars

Babies Lost: Suzanne Pullen (host), Anastasia Prentiss, Drissana Devananda

Beloved Wild and Family Animals: Toni DeMarco (host), Megan DeMarco, April Bruce

Ceremony of Death and Rebirth / Life Cycles: Oceanna Salcone (host), Chris Clinton, Liz Albicocco, Betsy Davis

Fairy Godparents Altar: Kael Loftus and Rick Loftus (hosts), Carol Stevenson, Exene Black

Gentrification and the Death of San Francisco: Sarah Thibault (host), Christina Aanastad, Celestina Pearl

In Memory of those Killed by Law Enforcement: Rahula Janowski (host), Chuck Bohman, Natasha Janowski, Jeff Larson, Hilary Buffum

Joan the Wad & Jack O’Lantern: Queen & King of Piskeys: Patricia Awen Fey O’Luanaigh (host), Shaitan, Jonathan Jay Levine, Monica Mody, Lillie Falco, Megan Rose Woolever

Loss of Biodiversity: Elizabeth and Lisa (hosts), Aidan, Landrum

Lost Boys and Girls: Christie Angelo (host)

Necromanteion: Temple of  the Dead:  Patricia Awen Fey O’Luanaigh (host), Shaitan, Jonathan Jay Levine, Monica Mody, Lillie Falco, Megan Rose Woolever

Sweet-Eyed and Wise: Animals Killed by Humans: Spiraleena (host), Jasper Lewis, Emily Claire Mason, Abel Gomez, Michelle Waters

Teaching Altar: Vacaville Community and Yule Danu (hosts), Cauldra Thompson, Thia Aranada, Jen Nicoli

Translatinas: Descansa En Poder! (En Memoria De La Activista Local, Jovana Luna, Y Otras Translatinas — Translatinas: Rest In Power!(In Memoriam of the Local Activist, Jovana Luna, and Other Translatinas): Wesley Haire and Adrian Escobar (hosts), Lady Victoria, Christie Angelo, Mariana Alarcon, Aracely Santibaez

Tree Goddess: Sridevi Ramanathan (host)

Witch Hunts: The War on Women’s Rights: Patti Davis (host), Elizabeth Creely, Reclaiming community contributions, Anna Knox, Eva Dinglasan, Brooke Stokes, Jessica Adams



Project Coordinator: Cypress Fey

Chorus Directors:  Robin Dolan, Gwynne Rinker

Stage Manager: Evelie

Evelie’s Tender: Andrej Hostynek


2015 Spiral Dance Chorus

Annette Kindred, Bruni Davila, Cindi Cossen, Eileen Hazel, Emily Mason, Joyce Bautista, Kimba Theurich, Lynn Orlando, Mary Gomes, Max Ventura, Max Bernstein, Meg Yardley, Naomi (Vesper) Castellano, Nic Rogoff, Sara Moore, Sheela Gunn-Cushman, Tigris Dancing Joy, Ximena Terrean


2015 Spiral Dance Band

Angelena KyzerCrowhurst – hand drums, tamborine; Artemis Jackson – C, alto flutes; Brook Schoenfield – guitar; Dillon Castleton – rhythm guitar; Grace Renaud – keyboard; Mary Ellen Donald – hand drums

2015 Spiral Dance Ritual Roles and Dancers

Ritual Flow Charette: Robin Dolan, Moss Savage, Urania, Starhawk, Thibaut, April Taylor, Gwynne

Anchors: Moss Savage (coordinator), Ariel Rains, Kashmir Isis, Rose May Dance, Yule Danu

Names of the Beloved Dead Readers: John Fox (coordinator), Elaine Magree, Elizabeth Creely, Georgie Craig, Kim Chilvers, Laurel Kadish


Call to Ritual: Fog Horn

Deck Sweepers/Widdershins: Chris “Karisu” Willich, Sylvia Man-Willich

MC – Irisanya

Declaration of the Feast: Starhawk

Grounding: Thom Vee

Casting the Circle: Heidi Marian, Preston Vargas, Justin

Spirits of the Land: Chuck Bohman

Elements Dancers: April Taylor (choreographer), Hilary Buffum (apprentice), 

Dancers: Anastasia Prentiss, KaeliMo Mogg, Antoine Hunter, Hilary Buffum

The Fey:  Sequoia

Deity Dancers: Flame RoseNegra, Thibaut H, Autumn Crow, Ivory Fly, Brook, Moss Savage, Annika Mongan,

Mighty Dead: Gwion Raven, Helen Hawk, Phoenix LeFae, Justin

Beloved Dead/Ancestors: Medusa

Trance: Medusa, Deborah Oak Cooper, Dillon Castleton, Fern, Robin Dolan


More Appreciation:

Graphic Design: Irisanya, Michael Starkman

Microphones: Gary

Photographers: Michael Rauner, Michael Starkman, Richard Man

Publicity & Promotions: Irisanya (coordinator), Gwion, Stella Bay

Online Promotions: Evelie, Irisanya, Starhawk

Radio Appearance: Starhawk; Robin Dolan Gwynne Rinker

Rehearsal Spaces for the Spiral Dance Chorus, Band, Dancers:  Robin Dolan’s office

Saturday Set-up at Black Cat: Miriam Childs, Nancy Johnston

Sound & Lights: Paul Knight

Stage Manager: Evelie

Videographer: Philip Wood; Cassandra (shadowing)

Website Design: Laurel Brooks


Apologies for anyone inadvertently left out or left in, and for misspellings of names!!!

  • 2016 Intention

    In the Presence of our Beloved Dead, we dance, create community and wield Love to affect change.

  • Admission

    This ritual is Bay Area Reclaiming’s largest fundraiser for the year, and supports many of our other activities, courses, ritual, and resources.

    Get your Early Bird tickets till September 30, 2015:
    Admission is sliding scale $20 to $150+. Elders (60+)/Disabled/Youth (12 to 17) $10+. Children 11 & under: free. Click here: BrownPaperTickets

    You may also obtain tickets through Paypal – just click the Donate button below and indicate the amount and for how many tickets you are getting or send money to ReclaimingSpiralDance@gmail.com.

    For Online tickets:You should receive an email response to confirm the purchase and number of tickets. Your tickets will be held at Will Call under your name.

    For local tickets: You can now get your Spiral Dance tickets at Sacred Well, Ancient Ways, Milk and Honey, and Scarlet Sage. Just stop by any of these local retailers to purchase your paper ticket.

  • When and where

    755 Stanyan Street
    Here's a map

    Doors open at 6 PM for Altar viewing, Prelude music, and Listening Meditation of the Reading of the Names of the Beloved Dead.
    Ritual begins at 7:30 PM

    Apologies: Bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible.

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